The Skyline in Rosario, Argentina

Photo by: agent1994 , Creative Commons

Rosario, Argentina is a city in the province of Santa Fe and the third most populated in the country. It is fast becoming a tourist hotspot with visitors from all over the world flocking to its beautiful destinations and engaging in the many adventures that it offers. To get to this beautiful city from Buenos Aires, you may take a plane, the train or rent a car. There are also buses that travel daily for your convenience and cost much less.

There are many spots to visit in Rosario when you decide to take your vacation here. You may drop by the Argentina Flag Memorial, which is locally known as Monumento a la Bandera, or take a tour of the house where “El Che Guevara” was born on Urquiza and Entre Rios Streets. These places will give you a glimpse of their national pride and patriotism.

One of the biggest parks in the country is also located in Rosario, and it’s called the Independencia Park. This park is one of the most visited places in the city where tourists can just relax and take an afternoon stroll or an early morning jog.

Another spot that has become a tourist destination in Rosario is the Rosario Central Stadium where the World Cup was held in 1978. Fans of the series as well as curious tourists stop by this stadium to take photos and get a piece of football history.

Aside from the sites to see and historical places to visit, tourists also frequent Rosario for the different activities that may be done in this wonderful city. For the more adventurous type, there are areas for kayaking and skydiving while horseback riding and sailboat rides are recommended for those who want a more laid back kind of experience.

Still for a relaxing vacation, tourists may hit the beautiful beaches of Rosario and enjoy the nightlife in the bars and restaurants found at the beachfront. And speaking of nightlife, clubs and discos are also abundant in the city where you can enjoy drinks, good food and mix and mingle with locals and other tourists while dancing the night away.

The City of Rosario is also a shopper’s haven for tourists who might want to buy souvenir items. At El Centro, which is the city’s central shopping area, good quality leather wallets, handbags and other accessories are being sold at reasonable prices.

Rosario is definitely a must-see when you are visiting Argentina. So don’t forget to schedule a tour of this amazing city when you plan your next trip.

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