Roskilde, Denmark
Photo by: smaedli, Creative Commons

Roskilde is another ancient city in Denmark located in the island of Zealand. It’s home to the very famous and historic Roskilde Festival. It’s a rock music festival that is held every year on fairgrounds near Roskilde. It’s now one of the biggest music festivals in Europe that encompasses not just rock music but also other genres such as hip-hop, rhythms and blues, dance and even metal. Proceeds of this festival always go to charities. Other events such as animal and agricultural exhibits are also held around the same area. On special days there are also flea markets lined up on the fairgrounds.

The most notable attraction of Roskilde is the Roskilde Cathedral, that’s because it was the only cathedral that erected in Zealand up until the 20th century. It’s on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Roskilde became a bishopric in 1020, making it the church’s most significant town in the whole of Denmark. And with the establishment of the Viking Ship Museum in 1969, Roskilde is considered as the cultural and educational center in Denmark. The Viking Ship Museum displays well-preserved remains of the historic Viking ships, which were unearthed in about the same decade.

If you want to see something other than the typical tourist attractions you could visit the Accident Investigation Board Denmark as it is significantly situated in Roskilde. If you want to come to the city you will only have to take a train from Copenhagen as Roskilde is a major stop when going to the west of Denmark from the country’s capital. You will surely enjoy the four-platform railway stations in this small but very appealing city.

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