Ross Ice Shelf

Ross Ice Shelf 400
Ross Ice Shelf
Photo by: lin padgham , Creative Commons

Now that you’ve made up your mind that your next adventure will be in Antarctica, better include the Ross Ice Shelf in your checklist. This happens to be a very interesting place to visit. Not only is it more preferred by most tourists, you get to witness first hand the scenic beauty of an ice shelf. By definition, an ice shelf is a very thick mass of ice that floats around the sea. Even though it may be roaming around, it’s still anchored to a more massive glacier that can be as big as France moving around.

By visiting this famous tourist spot in Antarctica, you will see ice formations melting due to the current state of Global Warming. Just like in the movies, a great flood would actually wash away countries as big as China or cities closer to home like New York in the United States. Once you get to be with other tourists who would tell you that they have gone back to the Ross Ice Shelf for numerous times already. The reason here is that they were so enamored by the splendid view of glaciers floating and bumping against each other. Well, these are the extreme seekers who would be just like you.

Coming to the Ross Ice Shelf and being there to witness the mystery of life will really make one’s journey much more fascinating. These icebergs do not melt even it they break off from a bigger portion. So if you love extreme adventure, a visit to the Ross Ice Shelf is what you need.

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