Library in Rousse, Bulgaria
Photo by: klearchos , Creative Commons

The largest and most significant Bulgarian city on the Danube River bank, Rousse is famous for its exquisite ancient architecture. For example, the monuments in Rousse are a mixture of Austrian and Hungarian architectural styles. This is why Rousse is dubbed as the Little Vienna of Bulgaria.

Architecture is a very important aspect to the culture of Rousse, so much so that about 200 of its structures are included in the list of architectural and historical legacy. Two of the most notable landmarks in Rousse are the liberty monument and the Dohodno Zdanie (The Profitable) building. The liberty monument is the masterpiece of Florentine architect Arlondo Tsoki, and the Dohodno building is a neoclassical structure where local theater performance are held.

Besides being a city of unique architecture, Rousse is also a city of active nightlife with its restaurants and nightclubs that suit every taste of their visitors, even the most sophisticated ones. During summer months, tourists can also enjoy cruising on little ships and ferryboats from Rousse.

There are plenty of museums to visit in Rousse: the city’s historical museum, the National Museum of Transport and Communications, and Baba Tonka museum, among many others. Worthy of mention as well are other Rousse attractions such as the St. Trinity Church, Leventabiya fortress, and Flotilla fortress.

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