Rovaniemi – View from a hill
Photo by: jeaneeem, Creative Commons

Rovaniemi serves as Finland’s entry point to the Lapland region, which is frequented by many visitors who want to experience a unique kind of living. This explains why the city of Rovaniemi attracts numerous tourists as well every year.

The highlight of any trip to Rovaniemi is trying on the exotic local delicacies of Finland such as moose, reindeer, whitefish, and black crowberries. Many hotels in Rovaniemi offer some of the best food favorites in the Lapland region.

Also a notable aspect of tourism in Rovaniemi is its wide variety of wildlife. In the Lapland region, you can find bears, lemmings, reindeers, foxes, elk, wolves, wolverines, and other rare kinds of animals.

Before you get your body moving with all the exciting things a Rovaniemi trip has to offer, you may consider visiting first the Arktikum museum. This museum gives visitors a clear overview of the Lapland culture and the Sami people who are the natives of the region. Arktikum is also well known for its restaurant that serves sautéed reindeer steaks and sumptuous lunch buffets.

A Rovaniemi vacation is not complete without enjoying outdoor activities. Since the city is located between two rivers, water activities are a hit among natives and tourists alike. Among the top summer activities for tourists in this Finnish city are hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, and cruising on the rivers. In winter, the most popular tourist activities include skiing, sledding safaris, and snowmobiling. In Rovaniemi, you will never run out of exciting activities to enjoy.

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