Ruffner Mountain

Looking out from Ruffner Mountain
Photo by: Max Wolfe, Creative Commons

If there’s any place that is great for outdoor activities, Ruffner Mountain is one of them. It enormous bio-diverse surroundings help make that outdoor experience more authentic. Miles and miles of forest trails with different kinds of wildlife living on wetlands can be seen and make for a good hiking trip.

Ever since the invention of modern technology that help people in their daily lives, there have been places where a peaceful habitat for animals become affected; without people being aware of it. It is from these natural materials where most of man’s innovations started.

Ruffner Mountain helps people in seeing the world the way it was before, natural habitats without any cables, wires or artificial lights, the pure essence of nature where the earliest inhabitants lived.

Ruffner Mountain is one of many nature preserves in the world. Not only to provide scenery to people but more importantly to preserve nature itself. Without it, the modern world today will not exist. In addition, educators and nature enthusiasts are given the opportunity to learn more about what nature is and what it gives and help share the knowledge to others to help them be aware that nature itself is part of man’s evolution where in turn in their own small ways help in preserving it for future generations.

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