Train ride to and from Russellville
Photo by: Doug_Wertman, Creative Commons

Russellville, Arkansas, dubbed locally as The Natural State, was once known simply as The Prairie until the late 1800s when the people decided to rename it after Dr. Thomas Russell, one of the early settlers in the area. Russellville sits comfortably in a river valley between two famous mountains – Ouachita and Ozark, and is overflowing with beautiful sceneries such as Lake Dardanelle.

Lake Dardanelle is delightful to photograph especially during sunset and sunrise when you can see the divide between water and heaven set amidst a background of mighty mountains and a wide array of red and orange hues. But that’s not the only great thing about it, it is also well known for its bass fishing tournament and the weigh-in pavilion which is considered a state-of-the-art facility by fishing enthusiasts.

The Lake Dardanelle State Park can be found on the shore of the enchanting Lake Dardanelle. It has an exhibit center that presents the area’s history and water resources via a touch screen kiosk. The center also boasts of aquariums that contain fish found in the nearby water forms. Meanwhile, the main park is teeming with visitors who come to bike, hike and camp.

Other sightseeing spots to check out include Subiaco Abbey, a monastery with beautiful architecture, and the Arkansas River Visitor Center, a center that delivers an impressive presentation on how the Arkansas River developed.

Art buffs will be glad to know that this city knows how to appreciate the arts. An Art Walk is held monthly every first Friday which gives artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their work. While the Arkansas River Valley Center changes its exhibits monthly and offers workshops for aspiring artists.

Whether you opt for a day tour or a weekend stay, the pleasant atmosphere in Russellville Arkansas welcomes you with open arms and ensures that you leave with good memories, tons of fun photographs and the desire to return again and again.

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