Russian Desserts

Kissel, a Russian dessert
Photo by: Evelien, Creative Commons

At any Russian gathering, meals will surely be satisfying and filling. Despite this, it is necessary to remember to leave some room in your tummy for some Russian desserts, since they are form a very integral part of a meal. The host of gatherings may be greatly offended if the guests refuse to have some dessert.

The Russian desserts may be divided into 3 different categories. First are the old Slavic desserts which have been enjoyed up to the 19th century. Second are those desserts that are brought into the Russian cuisine right after Peter the Great has opened the nation to the influence of the Europeans. The third category of desserts is considered as the most recent and innovative desserts of a Soviet era. All of these dessert categories are still very popular in Russia up to this date.

Perhaps the most ancient dessert known to the Slavs. During the 9th to 10th centuries, kissels are prepared from oats by carefully baking them over time, just so the natural malts are released for a strong sweet taste. The dessert is then sweetened further by the addition of honey.

Spiced bread. Pyranik has appeared in Russia during the same time as kissel. This spiced bread is made of haly rye flour and half honey. During the 12th century, a number of different spices from India have found their way to Russia and became major ingredients of pryanik.

It was in 14th century when this Russian dessert came to the Russian table. Pastille is a candy which is made from baked apples and honey. Sugar was then used to substitute for honey and beaten egg whites were added to aid with shape. Pastillas are like marshmallows although their texture is much softer and have a little tarter taste.

This is a Russian cake which is made up of as many as 12 to 15 very thin layers of sweet dough and a delectable vanilla custard filling. Napoleon is a necessary part of every celebration in the Soviet Union and is still very common in Russia up to this date.

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