Ruwi Mosque
Photo by: Sudheer S, Creative Commons

If you are in Muscat in Oman, you might want to pay a visit to one of the three towns that makes up this city and this is the town or district of Ruwi. This district is considered the diplomatic and commercial center of Muscat and is also the main business area of the city. People who come to Muscat and wish to get a complete feel of the place often come to Ruwi to check out the many old structures that can be found there as well.

One of the more popular areas in Ruwi that people visit is the narrow streets where a lot of old buildings still stand, although most of these were demolished sometime in the 70s to make way for the new commercial buildings that were being put up there. These places are considered to be some of the oldest parts of the city as well as the district.

If you want to experience the old world charm of Oman and find a lot of bargains that you can find in a number of small shops, Ruwi is the place to visit. A mere 4 miles from Muscat, you can choose to stay at one of the few hotels in the area to help give you enough time to explore the many small streets and the numerous old shops that can be found here or you can make a day trip out of it and return to the place the next day from your hotel in Muscat. There are a number of cheap hotels that you can stay at in Ruwi if you do decide to explore the district further.

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