Sabha map
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

In southwestern Libya, the famous city of Sabha can be found. It was the capital of the Fezzan region in the past but now it is the capital of the Sabha Region. Tourists often describe it as a city that lies on a sandy plain with a magnificent lake to its side. The Sabha city has progressed into a developing urban landscape. The city has many picturesque areas, highlighted with many palm and date trees.

Sabha city is famous for providing a well rounded trip for tourists. They provide experiences that are culturally related, like touring around the city while riding a camel. Camel riding is still widely utilized by the locals as their traditional means of transportation. Jeeps are also very popular means of transportation. The most famous landmark in the city is Fort Elena Castle. The castle is widely honored in Libya as it is the image pictured on one of their bills. The castle was built during the Italian colonialism of the country and it depicts the long history of Libya during the colonialism era.

So if you are spending your vacation in Libya, make sure to visit the Sabha city! This city will bring you back to the historical past of Libya, so try to have a worthwhile tour around the city.

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