Sabratha City

Sabratha, Libya 400
Roman Columns in Sabratha, Libya
Photo by: Bryn Pinzgauer, Creative Commons

Sabratha city is located to the north of Libya and is one of the three cities in Tripolis. Sabratha city is about 65 km from the Mediterranean coast and serve as the capital for Sabratha Wa Surman region. It is an archaeological site and it was also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1982.

The city was founded around 500 BC and it was part of the Numidian Empire. The major buildings were built during the time of Emperor Septimus. In the 4th century a massive earthquake hit the city and a major part of the city was destroyed.

The major attractions here are the ruins of 3rd century theatre with three storeys that stand as a fine example of architecture of those days. The other attractions include the Isis and Serapis temples devoted to Liber Pater.

In addition there is a Christian basilica here with mosaic floors. Nearby there is a museum that features the collection of the Sabratha city and the other collections of the city can be seen in Tripoli National Museum.

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