Tower Bridge in Sacramento
Photo by: Fir0002, Creative Commons

Sacramento is the capital of California. It is where the American River and the Sacramento River meet. It is known that it had humble beginnings as a group of small towns came together. It had a small population until gold was discovered in 1849. From then on, Sacramento’s settlement grew since miners and other gold seekers descended upon the city from all over the world. It is commonly nicknamed as the City of Trees since is has an impressive number of tree lined pathways and vibrant greenery. Today, Sacramento is one of the most rapidly growing cities known for its charming Victorian houses and perfectly built bungalows.

If you love to take a stroll, you may choose to walk along the boardwalk style sidewalks. For those who enjoy a more old country feel, carriages are available for your touring pleasure. If you absolutely like the outdoors, Sacramento could be your new found haven. You could go rafting, fishing, and boating if you thrive to be in the water. A popular must see is the American River. You can explore the city’s history and culture by visiting Sacramento’s museums, art galleries, and souvenir boutiques.

The must stops are the Crocker Art Museum and the California State Indian Museum. When it comes to food, you must not miss to try one of the city’s restaurants. Here, you can enjoy succulent local dishes combined with a laid back style and casual dining atmosphere.

The Sacramento Zoo is a venue where you can get in touch with rare exotic wildlife. Children will surely never forget their visit here. The night life in Sacramento has its own following so if you want to party, you’re welcome to try one of the many bars in the city.

The Shakespeare Festival is one of the highly anticipated events in Sacramento. During this time of the year, Shakespearean plays are being enacted complete with all the grand costumes and props.

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