Omayyad castle ruins
Photo by: Ai@ce, Creative Commons

To a lot of people, Safita is a small nondescript town in Syria where you have absolutely nothing to do and nothing to see. But that impression of the town is not entirely true. Yes, the place is not that big, it also has a small population but like other popular cities in Syria, it too has a special story to tell and it has a several sites to showcase. And if you are interested to find what those are, then read on as we provide you some facts and a list of attractions that you should visit here.

Short History:

According to some archaeological findings, Safita has been inhabited since the time of Phoenicians. For those of you who do not know, Phoenicia is an ancient civilization that was established in the heart of Canaan – the Promised Land. The people of this civilization were known to be involved greatly in maritime trading with nearby Mediterranean countries.

By the 1100’s, Safita was used by the Knights of Templar as a stronghold for their Crusades.

Sites to See:

Chastel Blanc (White Castle) – built on a hill, this massive structure was one of the Templar’s fortresses in Syria. Its location was strategic for the Knights because the view from the roof enables them to see their other holds that were scattered around the area. Apart from being a fortress, the White Castle also doubled as a chapel. In fact if you visit it today, you can still find a small church that is especially dedicated to St. Michael.

Al – Arima Fortress – this site is famous for its two towers that were dated back from the 12th and the 13th centuries respectively. This citadel is said to be one of the better strongholds that protected Chastel Blanc.

Sleiman Castle – a castle built in the middle of the wild mountains in Safita. This structure was said to be built by the old inhabitants of Arwad to honor Baal and Astarte – both of which were ancient Phoenician deities.

Those are some of the things you have to know and sites that you have to see in Safita. Once you visit the place, you will find that even if the city is small and even if it has fewer attractions, the trip there will be worth it.

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