Samana, Dominican Republic
Photo by: Stupid Dingo , Creative Commons

If you love nature and adventure, then head to Samana for your next vacation. Beautiful mountains with lush vegetation, long sandy beaches, seclusion, blue waters and quaint towns in the middle will greet you upon arriving. Romance is plentiful in Samana and some of its hotels cater to honeymooners. For scuba divers, lots of adventures are waiting for them underwater. This is also an ideal place to visit if you want to awaken your passion for nature since whale-watching is one of its popular forms of entertainment. If you have nothing particular on your agenda, you can just enjoy a cool drink while stretching under a palm tress contemplating on the important and trivial things in life.

The energy of Samana and the wide selection of attractions related to nature have made this place perfect for tourists looking for a dynamic vacation. If action is what you’re seeking, you can go horseback riding, enjoy a few laps on the beach, snorkelling, scuba diving and challenging the wind by sailing. These are activities that will surely bring you closer to nature. If you are not there to indulge in natural adventures, you can just relax yourself while the sea breeze in front of your hotel. Samana’s atmosphere is strongly influenced by Europeans since there are many French business owners in the area. Nowadays, there are many Italians and Spaniards that have moved to the area.

Before travelling to Samana, it is important to convert your money to their currency or bring traveller’s checks since credit cards are not widely accepted. You can also use your ATM to withdraw some cash from local banks. Samana can offer plenty of activities that you don’t have to get out of the area to look for more. There are plenty of hotels offering excellent accommodations. Neighbouring areas from east to west can be reached within half an hour. If you want to fly into Santo Domingo, there’s an airport located in El Portillo and an international airport in El Catey.

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