San Blas Gulf

San Blas Islands on the Gulf
Photo by: wytze, Creative Commons

A year is composed of 365 days while San Blas Gulf, is made up of 365 islands. This archipelago is a home to Kuna Indians where molas of different sizes and designs are flaunted. Molas are also sold as remembrance of their culture and lifestyle. They also partner their traditional clothing with colorful body paintings that you could also try in your spare time.

The Kuna Yala, locals of San Blas Gulf, can speak Spanish and a little bit of English. But they will treat you like an official once you visit their place. The moon and stars provide the whole vicinity with illumination and other than that, there’s nothing else because electricity is limited. Just bring with you some extra batteries for your cell phone and cameras for emergency situations.

Getting in San Blas Gulf can be done in plane, boat or by land. A wide range of attractions are also offered for you such as colorful reefs and wildlife. Festivals are widely celebrated in this area particularly, because the natives are quite conventional. The beautiful beaches of the gulf are protected by the Kuna tribes so before getting into the water, ask for permission first to avoid any commotions.

When you feel a bit hungry, the place have small restaurants where you can buy your meal. If you don’t feel like eating their usual cuisine, grocery stores are also available. The usual drink of the natives might not have a good effect on you so it will be best if you bring your own water. April and June are the ideal months for residing in this island. Now that you’re informed of the basics, go to San Blas Gulf right away.

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