San Carlos de Bariloche

Shoreline in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Photo by: kaarlows, Creative Commons

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city in Rio Negro found at the foothills of the Andes. This city is surrounded by four lakes and mountains and is very popular for sightseeing and doing adventurous sports like trekking, climbing, water sports, and skiing. San Carlos de Bariloche is also popular for its chocolates.

Attractions You Should Not Miss

Cruce de Lagos

The Cruce de Lagos is an all day cruise on the national park and on Lake Nahuel Huapi. This includes several stops where you get to explore and be amazed with the Andean rainforest. While on the cruise, you will definitely be amazed with the turquoise colored lake and the beautiful scenery.

Museum of Patagonia

The Museum of Patagonia is located near the tourist information center of San Carlos de Bariloche. The museum hosts a great section about the history of the indigenous pre-Hispanic inhabitants of Argentina which is something that is quite educational and enjoyable. The museum also contains stuffed native wildlife and pictures showing Argentina’s rich history.

EL Bosque de Arrayanes

The El Bosque is a forest full of rare orange trees similar to that of Japan’s rare forest. These orange colored trees only grow on the local island so you will need to take a cruise on the cruise boats available. You can take your time in enjoying the forest through taking walks and picnicking during the afternoon.

Things You Need to Know

• San Carlos de Bariloche is where you can find great chocolate. Enjoying some will definitely add more fun and enjoyment with your tour.

• Accommodations get easily fully booked especially during tourist season. If you want to get the best accommodation, or if you want to still enjoy while on a budget, making reservations is essential.

• There are several dance clubs available in Bariloche. Along with different pubs that cater to both tourists and locals, the place definitely has a great nightlife you can enjoy.

• Hiking on the mountain is a must but then it is also important to be safe so you need to hire a guide or travel in groups to assure that you have a great time without the presence of any danger.

• Getting to Bariloche is easy by plane. Moreover, it can also be accessed by bus or by car, which takes about 22-hours of travel.

• When leaving Bariloche, you can access El Bolson which hosts flea markets. The place also offers a great lunch you can enjoy for a minimal a

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