San Diego Del Mar

Del Mar Fairgrounds
Photo by: Intersofia, Creative Commons

A beautiful community with mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean, San Diego’s City of Del Mar is a beautiful seaside town which is inhabited by the rich and the privileged. Del Mar thrives because of its luxurious exclusivity. Not everyone can build a residence in Del Mar mainly because of the high cost of land surrounding the area.

Del Mar has a geography which is considered as highly suitable for first class living. The town has a sub tropical climate which is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Wide expanse of sandy beaches suitable for swimming and water sports are privately owned by the individuals whose mansions were erected to face the sea. The luxurious seaside living of Del Mar makes it a coveted land for real estate.

Ever since the area of Del Mar was developed for residential living, it was already envisioned to be inhabited by the elite. Colonel Jacob Taylor who purchased an entire 338 acres expanse of what soon to be known as Del Mar once envisioned to build a resort for the upper class.

Apart from the exclusive residential mansions, the town also boasts of various restaurants, organic stores which can be found in the city centers. The Torrey Pines State Beach can also be found in Del Mar.

Del Mar is also home to the Del Mar Racetrack, which is being visited daily because of the races. Because of the beautiful greenery and fresh seaside breeze, Del Mar is also suitable for race horsing. Apart from these, Del Mar becomes a center of attention during the yearly San Diego County Fair held every summer. The fair is held on the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

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