San Diego Little Italy

Little Italy in San Diego
Photo by: lori05871, Creative Commons

Like any normal day in a regular neighborhood, a day in San Diego’s Little Italy District is really just like a regular day. The only difference is that there is a distinctive ambiance that is not quite like any other place in the state. Here, eating places like popular food chains that are scattered all around the city cannot be found, but instead there is a smattering of Italian goodness in each of the establishments seen along the streets. Shopping? To be found in this location are shops that have brought Europe, Italy in particular, to the spotlight. Clothing, art, furniture, and so much more can be found in this quaint little vicinity.

When visiting Little Italy, the first thing to do is to find a place to eat. After all, this is Little Italy, and Italians are most famous for their food. Available in the locale are steak houses, grills, cafes, lounges and bars that will cater to every little thing the heart and the stomach desires. What they say is that the place with the longest line stretching to the outside of the eating place must have the best food! After eating, burn off those calories!

Take a walk and have a look around. Shop! Another thing that Italy is known for is art. Here in Little Italy, there is no shortage of supplies and venues should there be a need to indulge and immerse in some art. Furniture and other home furnishings are also artistic expressions, and Little Italy will definitely have something for each and every interest, may it be an interest for antique, for gardening, or for other home decorations.

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