San Diego Maritime Museum

Star of India – Maritime Museum on San Diego Harbor
Photo by: little blue hen, Creative Commons

There are many reasons why San Diego’s Maritime Museum is worth visiting.

The first reason is educate those who have little or no knowledge of maritime vessels, much less those with historical value. The Maritime Museum provides that for the old and young alike through the operation of the museum. It is very accessible to visitors because the museum is open everyday. Several learning programs have been created by the museum administration with the objective to share maritime information to any one who is interested. The educational programs of the museum may include the use of ships and bringing the participants to the waters to engage in sea adventures.

The second reason is to give maritime enthusiasts something to look forward to. Since its existence and continued operations is a dream come true for these enthusiasts. Even restoration specialists take a special interest in the activities of the museum because this is also an activity handled by the organization. Restoration, and then later on, vessel maintenance are only a few of what the administration of the Maritime Museum can do for the historical vessels in their care.

The third reason is that it can be a venue for any event, maritime enthusiast or not. The event may be private or public, but that does not matter. What matters is that the Maritime Museum can make any event or occasion memorable simply because of the environment and the ambience that it brings to the day or night. Imagine celebrating an anniversary, having a small party, or a huge celebration on the Museum’s ship, that reek of history and culture.

These are the three main reasons why anyone would want to visit and get bowled over by the Maritime Museum. The best and underlying reason though, is that the Maritime Museum is one of the most unique destinations in San Diego.

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