San Diego Solid Rock Gym

Rock Climbing at Solid Rock Gym in San Diego, CA
Photo by: crazyoctopus, Creative Commons

San Diego’s Solid Rock Gym and Rock Climbing in North County has gained a huge following not just in the city, but from other regions since it opened in 1993. Their new facility boasts of a huge 22,000 square feet of climbing terrain, which includes a state of the art climbing wall deemed to be the most advanced in the US.

Rock climbing is not a new activity, but the people behind it have definitely taken their passion for this experience to a whole new level that enthusiasts from all over can readily appreciate. Because of their belief in Rock climbing capacity to bring the mind and body into harmony due to the demands of the activity, they set up an environment where first time climbers can try it out even as experienced climbers train and hone their skills alongside them. Through state of the art indoor climbing walls and climbing apparatus that are up to par with the strictest standards, Solid Rock Gym has brought the rugged and rigorous charms of outdoor climbing into and indoor environment that offers a lot of comfort.

The gym offer 115 top ropes, three huge lead areas, and four bouldering areas. Their top ropes have four routes and are constantly being reset three times a year by the best route setter from all over the country in order to give their customers a different climbing experience every time they visit.

Open to both enthusiasts and first time climbers, the gym has a staff of experienced and dedicated climbers who will serve as guides or teachers to climbers of all levels. This great interaction of supporting and encouraging each other makes the experience of rock climbing a unique one.

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