San Pedro de Atacama

Valle de la Muerte in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Photo by: alita , Creative Commons

If you want a destination that can offer you a new vacation experience, Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most recommended spots. Though you will see that the country is so vast yet empty because of the deserts, San Pedro is very different. Indeed, this city is referred to as the oasis of the vast deserts of Chile. In fact, this city is called “The Valley of Moon” because of its shimmering and flat roads surrounded by a moonscape in a patch of green.

Though strange to many people, San Pedro de Atacama is a beautiful place to visit. This oasis is filled with many wonderful attractions that have the power to make tourists love the place. There are also fantastic sand dunes, geysers, volcano, deserts, walks, and formations of Moon Valley here. Indeed, this city is a perfect destination you must try to conquer.

Andean Cordillera

Don’t say no to a visit to Andean Cordillera. A visit to Chile will be incomplete without a glimpse of this magnificent place. This is where the mystic Licanbour Volcano stands. This is also where you can find the Catholic Museum that holds the world’s largest assemblage including mummies, artifacts, and many other treasures. You will never go hungry here as well as most of the restaurants in the city are housed in the Andean Cordillera. Same is true with shopping centers,

Geysers Spouting

Geyser is another beautiful attraction in the region. You can grab an early trip to the Geysers of El Tatio, which will definitely provide you with fun. You can see for yourself thermal wells here and almost more than 40 geysers plus fumaroles that blast up into the cold air of the early morning. And, as the sun comes up, you’ll be glad to see some wonderful gifts of nature to San Pedro. There are also hot swimming pools around the area that are heated by water coming from the deep of the desert.

Fire Pit Dinner

Dinner here is a little bit strange and exciting. You can experience dinner being done in one of the adobe holes, an open-aired courtyard covered with a straw roof with rocks arranged and a fire blazed. Restaurants here usually have fires at the center of it.

Indeed, San Pedro de Atacama is truly a place that can provide a unique travel experience. Though it is by way a little far from the demands of modernity, everybody will find the area so warm and exciting to experience. Just imagine an oasis in the center of a desert.

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