San Sebastian

Beach in San Sebastian
Photo by: cchan19, Creative Commons

The city of San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Spain is more formally referred to as Donostia-San Sebastian. The name Donostia is native to Basque while San Sebastian is a Spanish derivative. Thus the combination of both names became the formal identity of the city.

Much like any other place in Spain, San Sebastian is rich with culture and history. However, this place is better known for the way it celebrates a number of festivities that draws crowds from all over. The San Sebastian Film Festival is one of the most prestigious international festivals that is held in September.

Each year on the 20th of January is the feast day of St. Sebastian the patron saint of the city. Along with this, the locals celebrate what is called the Tamborrada. This is a 24-hour long celebration, which commences at midnight where the entire city is filled with the sound of drums and people walk around wearing chef’s hats and aprons. There are a number more of various celebrations held in different times of the year that you can enjoy.

The most popular place to visit in Donostia-San Sebastian is La Concha’s Bay. This is frequented by tourists and locals alike whenever they feel like basking in the sun. The cool breeze by the waters is truly a relaxing moment to cherish. Apart from the majestic view that it offers regardless of the time of day, there are a number of establishments surrounding the area where you can dine or have fun while having the bay in background.

There are a number of places to see both historical and cultural. These sites offer you the advantage of learning more about the city while still being able to relax and enjoy each moment that you spend in it. At times, by merely looking at something, you will have that all-inspiring feeling of awe and satisfaction. Above all other things, the community is rather hospitable both to locals and foreigners who would like to visit and learn more about the city.

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