Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus

Epidaurus 400
Epidaurus Amphitheatre
Photo by: *clairity*, Creative Commons

Argolis Prefecture, Peloponnese – this is the way you should find in order for you to visit the Ancient Epidaurus Little Theatre. This place is definitely swarming with a lot of tourists since it so easy to visit by just taking the bus but as early as possible, you have to know the schedule of the buses should you decide to stay on a little bit after the performance. There’s no more way back home to Athens after the final time of the night’s performance.

If you have rented a car then it would be no problem for you to get back to your hotels just keep in mind that there is still a roughly ten-minute hike to the site itself. Aside form this, parking slots are quite limited so it’s up to you to be within the area of the Epidaurus at a much earlier time for you to secure a slot.

During your stay in Greece, be ready with your camera since there are so many sites for you to immortalize your trip. This is the same reason why tourists keep on coming back to Greece. Just by the Mediterranean winds that are kissing your cheeks to the lovely colors that seem to sprout anywhere you look, Greece is indeed a photographer’s haven.

Speaking of the golden rules in any new place you visit, there are some things you need to observe when you reach the Epidaurus. Just like in any play or performance, it is rude and prohibited to enter the place in the middle of the scene so they allow latecomers to enter during intervals. Noisy kids are not allowed inside and they can’t appreciate the performance anyway. You are not allowed to take shots while the play is on going so reserve those moments later on.

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