Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Botanic garden visitors.

Photo by: sarcozona, Creative Commons

Getting exposed to nature has been widely considered as a form of therapy against stress and anxiety. Nature brings silence and serenity which cannot be provided by bars and casinos in the city. Many people resort to raising plants on their backyards and gardens to serve as relaxation after a stressful day of work. But preparing your very own botanical garden can be expensive and time consuming.

Located in Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara, California is the Botanic Garden. Containing over one thousand species of rare and indigenous plants, it spans an astonishing sixty- five hectares. It displays various California native plants in the natural setting and made more interesting by Mission Creek which flows through the premises. Some of the rare and amazing plants located in this Botanic Garden are Canyon Pink, White Lanterns, Amethyst Bluff and De La Mina.

This specific garden is accredited by the American Association of Museums as a living museum, where anyone of all ages can go and experience nature. It also represents an important resource of education among schools and scientific research.

Due to the state’s and the citizens’ desire to preserve the cultural and agricultural heritage of Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, the Garden’s Mission Dam was considered a State Historic Landmark and eventually acquired recognition as almost entirely a County Historic Landmark.

Every day work in the city brings stress and anxiety to people of all ages. May it be hardships in school, at work, or in your own family, occasionally life simply requires someone to take a break and recuperate from the battering it receives everyday. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden provides a haven for people to relax by being one with nature. This garden brings nothing but serenity and enjoyment that will surely free you from stress and anxiety.

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