Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Art is innate within every individual. A kid would doodle everywhere whether on her mom’s bag, the kitchen table or her grandmother’s sofa bed. Sad but true, once she grows up, she forgets how to enjoy art instead keeps herself busy with expensive things the market offers. Many of us overlook and forget the importance of art which preserves the history of man. It is nostalgic and heart-warming whenever one visits a museum, because it contains history and stories. Each and every painting narrates its own story. Every sculpture is a written history.

There’s no better way to bring back those old memories than to visit Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Located in downtown Santa Barbara, California, it is home to special collections of art that spans four thousand years from ancient to modern times. It contains American art collection of portraits, still life, landscapes and sculptures dating back the 19th and 20th century. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art also contains pre-Columbian and African sculptures and musical instruments.

The Museum of Art presents works by Thomas Eakins, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe, among others. It also contains the Constance and George Fearing Library which houses various reference books and rare periodicals.

Visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and you will surely bring back memories of your childhood (or that of your parents) and make you appreciate history more. The serenity and silence this art museum offers can be an excellent form of therapy against stress brought by the ghastly life found in the city. The variety of portraits, landscapes and sculptures made and created by famous and renowned artists tells us that history is rich and will always be worth remembering. This museum can also be a great educational tool for children to learn history and appreciate them even more.

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