Santa Barbara Winery

Santa Barbara Winery
Photo by: clogozm, Creative Commons

A trip to Santa Barbara will not be complete without a visit to the Santa Barbara Winery, the oldest in the County, which was founded by Pierre Lafond in 1962. This side of California is where great wines known all over the world comes from. There are about a hundred wineries in Santa Barbara County today, each producing great quality wines that are truly world class, but Lafond’s was the first ever established and is therefore the pioneering winery.

Anywhere in the world, wine is a drink most often taken to relax and unwind as it has a rejuvenating effect. When taken in moderation, wine affects our system in a positive way. It is a great drink during social gatherings and the best companion when dining and while doing some catching up with friends and family members. It is commonly partnered with different types of cheese.

The wineries in Santa Barbara county, such as Lafond’s Santa Barbara Winery, offer guided tours that include wine tasting, which is what most tourist are looking forward to. They may also order wines from the winery as gifts for their loved ones back home. If you are planning to include a tour of the winery to your itinerary, better contact them to ask for a schedule first. Ask specifically if there will be a wine tasting so you can ready your taste buds for the burst of flavors that these special wines have to offer.

Santa Barbara Winery is equipped with the latest technology in wine-making and is maintained by skilled workers who are certified experts in the art of wine making. Their vineyard is located in Buellton, California where only the best quality grapes are grown under the care of expert hands. You may also ask for a tour of their vineyard to know how the grapes are picked and to complete the whole Santa Barbara experience.

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