Santa Barbara Zoo

Child feeds giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
Photo by: asrusch, Creative Commons

Have you ever seen a crooked-necked giraffe? Yes you read it right, a crooked-necked giraffe. You can only find it at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Located thirty acres near the long stretch of beach in Santa Barbara California, it was formerly known as the Child Estate Zoo and has been ranked as one of United States’ best small zoos. Housing almost six hundred animals, it has been famous for its crooked-necked giraffe—an amazing natural phenomenon enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whether you or your children would like to see elephants, lions, giraffes, gibbons, sea lions, exotic birds, snakes and alligators—you just name it and they have it. This zoo is constantly changing and updating so there is always something to look forward to and visit. It also has a miniature train ride, playground and spacious area for families to spend the remaining of their day after an enjoyable tour and experience with the animals.

Moreover, because of the zoos desire to keep their animals safe and healthy, the Zoo are accepting sponsors from different animals enthusiasts. Such people are dedicated to preserve and conserve the natural world and its animals for future generations to enjoy and experience. People of all ages always visit Santa Barbara Zoo as it is a place where adults can enjoy their weekends with their family and friends.

Visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo in California not only allows one to experience the joy of seeing remarkable creatures. Visitors and enthusiasts who go there also help in preserving and conserving the creatures that people enjoy right now and give a chance for the future generation to cherish them and see them. Zoos are not only enjoyable and relaxing; they are also tools for educating young minds regarding the importance of animals in our everyday lives.

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