Santa Coloma

Casa de la Vall in Santa Coloma, Andora
Photo by: lorentey , Creative Commons

Santa Coloma, not to be confused with the city in Spain that bears the same name, is located just 2 kilometers away from the Andorra capital, Andorra De Vella. Most people go to Santa Coloma because of its proximity to Andorra De Vella, a famous destination for winter sports.
Perhaps the main tourist attraction in Santa Coloma is the Bridge of la Margineda, a bridge that was constructed during the middle ages but is still in fine condition. Another structure people visit in the village is the Church of Santa Coloma. The building is very distinct from other churches that are found all over the world. Aside from the main building, it has a three-staged round tower. The Church of Santa Coloma houses the Virgin of Santa Coloma, a statue that has stood time since the 12th century.
If you like shopping, you can go to the capital since it’s very close to Santa Coloma. Andorra De Vella has duty-free stores so you can find many great deals. If you love jewelry, you’ll have a great time shopping around the capital. It is known for having stores that sell the finest quality jewelry. You can also buy cheap but high quality electronic goods, accessories and clothing.
Even if you’re not planning to go skiing, you can still have fun in Santa Coloma. At night, the city is very much alive. There are plenty of bars and clubs open until the wee hours of the morning.

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