Santa Maria delle Grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie 400
The Courtyard at the Santa Maria delle Grazie
Photo by: clspeace, Creative Commons

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is truly a spectacular Italian landmark that no visitor exploring Italy should dare miss. Located in the Italian fashion capital of Milan, the church is open to viewers from Tuesday to Saturdays starting at 8am to 8pm. And although there is no entrance charge to enter the church, there is a reservation charge for those who want to catch a glimpse of the famous Last Supper painting by the great Leonardo. Just make sure to book your reservations immediately when you get to Milan or even before you embark on the trip to ensure a guaranteed access to the famous painting.

Having survived the bombing during the second world war, the Santa Maria delle Grazie is now a privileged member of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites as it is the home of the famed last supper painting. And although the painting has miraculously survived war attacks in the past, its greatest challenge today lies in its proper conservation and restoration. This specific work of Leonardo has been drawing crowds for decades and even more the past few years because of a certain controversial book featuring “The Last Supper”.

Regardless of religious affiliations and conspiracy beliefs, art enthusiasts and history buffs alike will revel in the beauty that the Santa Maria delle Grazie. The architecture is a representation of everything that is remarkable about the human design and ingenuity and can be considered as one of the most studied structures in history today. So don’t miss your chance at getting a closer look at the cultural side of Milan after a long grueling day of sightseeing and shopping around the city, just head to the peaceful sanctuary and offer a prayer or two.

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