Boating in Santorini, Greece
Photo by: lyng883 , Creative Commons

Santorini, Greece is what can be called a volcanic island. It is well known for its remarkable views and spectacular sunsets. It also has beautiful beaches and an active volcano. Its finest beach, the Perissa beach as well as the Kamari black pebble beach are famous to tourists. It also has the Red Beach, which has red sand, and the White Beach. Furthermore, the Akrotiri, which is a town similar to Pompeii in the sense that both have been preserved in volcanic ash, is found here. Its ruins are perfectly preserved, so the streets and buildings can still be clearly seen. Tourists can also see the preserved frescoes, as well as, pottery. However, they should remember to buy bottled water because the water in Santorini is not really clean.

Santorini is also known as Thira. Its capital, Fira, has so many good structural designs. Imerovigli, which is near Fira, has really stunning sunset views. Oia also has great sunsets, and is the island’s most lovely place. And because of Santorini’s unique beauty, many Greek, Brazilian, and Hollywood celebrities have chosen it to be their movie and video settings. Nevertheless, the best time to visit Santorini is during the months of March to November. During these months, the weather is beautiful. December, January, and February are off-season months. Majority of the business establishments and hotels are closed at these times. And there are usually no crowds in sight.

Tourists can get around in public buses, rented cars and ATVs, scooters, and other four-wheelers. However, it is very important that one has a license to be able to rent such vehicles; because taxis, as well as bicycles are not abundant here. Tourists can also get around on foot. The routes from the town of Fira to the town of Oia are especially amazing. And since Santorini is regarded as a natural wonder, its landscapes and seascapes are actually the main attractions. But of course, many worthwhile activities are what attract tourists. They can go to fine wineries and walk around the towns. They can also climb to look at Ancient Thira, and even the monastery to see the amazing views of the beaches and the ocean. And of course, they can go snorkeling and scuba diving on the fine beach resorts. The Mesa Pigadia and Perissa Rock are beaches recommended for snorkeling. But the tourists can also ride horses in Exo Gonia.

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