Downtown Sarasota
Photo by: livingonimpulse, Creative Commons

Sarasota is in Sarasota County on the Southwestern region of the state of Florida. Situated in between the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is surrounded by different keys with renowned white beaches, the largest of which is the Longboat key. These keys not only separate Sarasota from the gulf and from the city beyond, but it provides a good place for visitors to enjoy the warm tropical weather that Sarasota experiences for a good part of the year.

Although the beaches attract a good part of the visitors to the area with its white sand and the clear waters, it is not the main thing that Sarasota is known for. The city has a rich history built over from years of existence ever since the first European explorers found the area, to the time that pioneer families have set up in the area up to the time when major developments have been set in place in the city by key players in Sarasota’s history such as Owen Burns, Place & Gardiniers, and John Nolen.

There are a lot of other people involved into making Sarasota the city that it is today, but even if they will never be named, the things they left behind are still being enjoyed by people nowadays and has earned Sarasota the mark of being Florida’s cultural capital. Among these are the theater built on one of the main intersections in the 1920s that has been used for opera and vaudeville performances and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another notable landmark and perhaps Sarasota’s pride is the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, built in the 1950s as a site for theater performances until it has seen much use and was restored in the 1970s into what it is now, a museum that still holds the historic theater apart from the main museum area itself.

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