Mountain range of Schaan
Photo by: Francesco Crippa, Creative Commons

Although the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein is Vaduz, the largest municipality remains to be Schaan. It is situated just above the city of Vaduz. Schaan has a population of 5,806 and has a total land area of 28.6 square kilometers. Comparatively speaking, the municipality’s land area and population is already one of the largest in the whole of Liechtenstein. The municipality lies at the borderline of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Schaan is an industrialized town. In fact, it serves as the center for enterprise and economy. This is where a few of the world’s largest manufacturers are located. To name a few, Ivoclar Vivadent AG and Hilti Corporation built their headquarters in Schaan.

Because the municipality is located near Switzerland, tourists get to see the breathtaking mountains that serve as the border. Architecture from the Baroque period can be seen I this area. The Chapel of St. Mary Consolation is one perfect example of Baroque architecture. The St. Laurentius Parish Church is known for being one of the oldest churches in the area. As of the moment, only the tower of the church can be seen. It is believed that the church was built during the 1100s. It was later on demolished. But a few of the sculptures in the church were saved. The artifacts that were saved can now be found at the Liechtenstein National Museum. The chapels in this area are also known for its beautiful designs. The stained glass windowed chapels are truly a must see.

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