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Having a total land area of about 3.5 square kilometers, Schellenberg is the smallest municipality in Liechtenstein. As of December 31, 2007, the population of the entire village is only 1,029. Schellenberg is found on top of a hill at 626 meters or 2,054 feet above the ground. This is where the history of Liechtenstein started.

Schellenberg and Vaduz used to be two different territories under Prince Johann Adam Von Liechtenstein. It was only during 1719 when these two territories combined under the name Liechtenstein.

The enchanting landscapes of this village attract tourists from all over the world. A good view of the Alps can be seen from Schellenberg. The hills and the virgin woods add to the spectacular beauty of this sanctuary. Schellenberg in itself is a huge museum. This is where the principality’s old houses are located using the most primitive building materials and methods. But the oldest house is called Biedermann House which still stands up to this day. This house was built back in 1518. It is now made open to public to serve as a reminder of their culture.

One of the most visited places in the village is ruins like the Schellenberg fortress ruins which seemingly takes a person back to the past. There are also a few modern churches in the village. Among them are the churches of St. Mary the Immaculate and St. George’s Chapel. But at the top of the list is definitely the Russian Memorial mountain path. Along this path is a monument which commemorates an asylum which was offered to the Russian soldiers.

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