White County courthouse in Searcy
Photo by:, Creative Commons

“Pride, Progress and Potential” is the motto of Searcy. This city is located in White County, Arkansas and has a population of 20,000. The city was named after Judge Richard Searcy who was an Arkansas Pioneer. One interesting nugget of trivia is that Judge Searcy died before he even knew that the city was named after him.

Two of the best attractions in Searcy are The Greers Ferry Lake and the Little Red River. These are the preferred fishing spots in the country where you can fish for bass and trout. Both fishing havens have produced record winning catches. For non-anglers, the wide expanse of Greers Ferry Lake is ideal for various water activities. You can take a swim, scuba dive and water ski in the crystal clear lake waters. The lake is surrounded by various resorts, bed & breakfasts and spas perfect for the vacationer who wants to relax and lounge around all day. Camping sites are also available for the more adventurous souls. If bird watching is your thing, head over to the Henry Gray Wildlife Refuge and the Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge.

Historic sites in Searcy include the White County Courthouse, The Black House which is a restored building that houses the Searcy Art Gallery and The Rialto Theatre – a historic theatre built in 1923 and is still open daily. Searcy is also home to Yarnell’s Ice Cream and Harding University.

A main event that draws in a huge crowd is the White County Fair. Dubbed by the LA Times as a top county fair, the White County Fair celebrated its 75th year anniversary this year by holding beauty pageants, rodeo competitions and building a theme park worthy ride called The Nemesis.

Searcy’s motto rings true in all aspects of the city. Its people are warm, hospitable and full of pride, the place has a distinctive quiet appeal brimming with potential and its various industries are continually in progress.

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