SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld within Mission Bay in San Diego
Photo by: http2007, Creative Commons

Tired of visiting the local zoo where you can see the same animals in any other zoo anywhere else in the country? How about going to the carnival? After hours on those dizzying rides, would you still be looking forward to anything else? Do you find yourself bringing the kids some place where only they enjoy? How about your enjoyment? Have you found a place with activities for young and old? At San Diego’s SeaWorld Adventure Park in California, everything is available for all members of the family, friends and loved ones.

Coming to the park, bring your family to watch a shows of Sea Lions, acrobats, and even fireworks. This is a great activity to start your day of fun and excitement. When the kids want to get up close and personal with the animals, exhibits abound with a tide pool, an actual encounter with penguins, and aquariums where adults and children alike are to be amazed to see huge, unique, and beautiful sea creatures no more than a foot away. For the adventurous ones, SeaWorld has something for them as well. There are water rides available, and even a sky ride to watch a beautiful sunset.

Teenagers may want to join the Adventure Camp where they can make new friends, and have even more opportunities to learn about animals. A program for families is also available so that everyone can learn together.

At the end of your day, no one will go home with an empty stomach or empty-handed. Eating places such as a pizza parlor, a cafe and bakery, and other restaurants are available on the grounds. For those with specific dietary needs, a healthy alternative cafe is also onsite. Memorabilia of the day and the experience are available in the park’s gift shop.

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