Sedona Red Rock

Red Rock 400
Sedona and the resident Red Rocks
Photo by: laszlo-photo, Creative Commons

Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. But there is more to the wonders of nature in Arizona. Sedona Red Rock Country are layers upon layers of red to orange-colored sandstone indigenous to the Sedona area.

The Sedona Red Rock Country boasts of different rock formations that make your visit fun and interesting. Among the different rock formations, the most popular is Snoopy lying on top of his doghouse. Other rock formations are coffeepot, bell, cathedral, chimney, rabbit ears and cow pies. A simple cruise along the Sedona is enough for anyone to gaze at the incredible wonder of this unique and beautiful piece of land.

This attraction continues to wow those who see it. It has been used as a setting for western novels and movies. Its colorful collection of canyons has been immortalized on numerous paintings and photographs. You can experience all these via scenic drives and trails. Camping and picnicking are also viable activities that will help you experience the splendour of these crimson rocks. If you are not an outdoor person but want to see the red rocks up close, there are cabin rentals that can accommodate your stay in Sedona. These cabins offer a good view of different rock formations.

Arizona is a city that thrives with natural resources. One of its wonder is the Sedona Red Rock Country where you can’t help but marvel at nature’s wonderful gift to mankind – the brightly colored natural formation for rocks. It is a natural wonder that has no rival any where in the world. A trip to Arizona is not complete without catching a glimpse of these red rock formations.

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