Sedona Cathedral Rock
Photo by: Ken Thomas, Creative Commons

Like a lightning bolt, inspiration can strike you just about anywhere. Most artists, however, can tell you that finding inspiration, even just one inspiring thing, can be challenging in itself. Urbanization has drastically altered and transformed the natural landscapes that used to inspire generations of artists. But in the picturesque city of Sedona, Arizona, with its distinctly crimson hued desert landscape surrounded by the lush green forests of Oak Creek Canyon and dotted with magnificent red rock formations collectively known as the “Red Rocks of Sedona”, there’s no shortage of inspiring natural scenery.

Numerous filmmakers, artists, and songwriters can attest to the allure of Sedona’s rugged beauty. Some of them even decided to move to Sedona, contributing greatly to the growth of the arts and culture of the area. Several events and festivals, like the Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Festival, and Creekside Serenade among others, are annually hosted by Sedona to showcase both traditional and contemporary artworks of its artists.

There are some who believe that the “pull” artists feel towards the region of Sedona is largely due to areas called vortexes where the psychic energy of a place is highly concentrated. Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Table Top Mountain, and Boynton Canyon are the four main sites where Sedona vortexes are said to be located. To this day there are even some Native American tribes who make their way to these locations because of its sacred history.

Enjoy the sunny weather and explore the beauty of Sedona various natural attractions from its hidden canyons to the popular hiking trails. One of the best things about Sedona is that you can even explore the Sedona scenery just by driving around town. Other outdoor activities visitors can take part of include camping and fishing in the state parks, horseback riding, mountain biking, and even golfing and tennis.

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