Mountains in Seefeld, Austria

Photo by: Leo-setä , Creative Commons

The little village of Seefeld, Austria is often times overshadowed by the larger nearby city of Innsbruck in terms of popularity as a destination for international tourists. For local Austrians in the know however, Seefeld offers attractions that are disproportionately larger than its small population of just over three thousand residents.

To begin with, its location on a plateau on the northern direction of the River Inn gives it multiple walking paths that are not as challenging as climbing up and going down the mountainous terrains. Its most popular walking path is the one that leads to the Kwarendel natural reserve, especially during spring, summer and autumn. Travelers have the option of either making multiple treks across this reserve on foot or taking trains and cable cars that criss-cross the wider open landscapes of the area. The hot days of summer are best enjoyed swimming in a nearby lake called the Wildsee.

Winter brings challenging areas for cross-country skiing. Seefeld, Austria has a type of landscape that enabled it to host international skiing competitions such as the Nordic events at the 1964 Winter Olympics as well as the 1976 Winter Olympics. Seefeld also became a multiple host of different World Cup competitions. Aside from alpine and cross-country skiing, some of the most popular winter activities that can be enjoyed in Seefeld are winter-hiking trails, ice-skating, sleigh rides, and snow boarding. Skiing schools in the area offer courses and lessons at affordable rates.

Indoor facilities also abundant for tourists who prefer to stay warm. Activities such as tennis, squash, bowling and indoor pool swimming can be enjoyed all day at these locations. The Olympia sports complex has a fully equipped physical fitness center. The town center is distinct with its onion-dome shaped Saint Oswald’s cathedral that dominates the local skyline. Surrounding this church are the many retail shops, clubs, and restaurants that cater to locals and tourists alike.

Big things truly come in small packages – that is a proverbial saying that a place like Seefeld, Austria can prove any time and under any season.

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