Sequoia National Park

Sequoia 400
Log Tunnel at Sequoia National Park
Photo by: GregTheBusker, Creative Commons

A famed U.S. national park, it is one of the foremost tourist destinations in California. The Sequoia National Park is located in the southern part of the Sierra Nevadas east of Visalia. It gets its name from the famous giant sequoia trees that are spread out all over the park. The sequoia tree is one of the largest trees on earth.

The Sequoia National Park is divided into two parts, the front country and the back country. The front country is made up of blue oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands and yucca plants. Along its foothills abundantly lives different wildlife. You can see mountain lions that have found recluse in this part of the park. The lions co-exist with other wildlife, like foxes, squirrels, rattle snakes and bobcats. The higher elevation of the front country is covered with greeneries from rare species. The back country, on the other hand, is almost covered with wilderness. It offers a vast area of high-alpine wonders.

However, this is the area where you can rent rustic tent cabins and eat meals prepared by gourmet cooks.
The park offers variety of activities that can be undertaken by the whole family. Bonds are strengthened through camping, hiking and fishing. Unique experiences are also offered by the park – the tunnel log where cars can drive through a fallen sequoia log; crystal cave that joins the two parks; the crescent meadow that is popularly known as the gem of the sierra; and Moro rock that offers breathtaking views of the park.

The Sequoia National Park is United States’ premier visitor destination. It is also one of the best locations for family outings. Not only does it allow communing with nature, it also fosters long lasting bond through its tranquil surrounding. One can never really appreciate nature until he experiences a day or two in the park’s forest, because this is where you can really experience wildlife coexist with men.

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