Glorieta de Bécquer. Parque María Luisa, Sevilla
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

In the south of Spain, there is a beautiful city filled with art, culture and history. That is the city of Seville. There is an easy to spot trademark around the city from its flag, coat of arms and every possible surface from the government such as the caps of municipal sewers among other things. This is Seville’s motto, NO8DO. Visually, it would be the syllables NO and DO bound by a vertical infinite sign that looks like the number eight. Roughly translated, it means Seville has not abandoned me.

While flamenco is not original to Seville, the music that it uses originated from this place; it is called the Sevillanas. Two of the most popular festivals that Seville is known for is their observance of the Semana Santa or Holy Week. Like many other countries, the local folk observe the annual celebration solemnly. It culminates with majestic processions as part of the celebration. Two weeks after Holy Week, the Sevillans celebrate the colorful La Feria de Sevilla or the April Fair. Here you will find women wearing traditional dresses throughout the celebration and ever home, business and other groups partake in the events that are shared to everyone.

It is also a fact that visiting Seville is not complete without tasting the delicacies prepared locally. This city has become popular for serving tapas. It has been part of their culture where serving small dishes along with drinks are popular. The variety of grilled seafood is always a draw. You will find cuttlefish, swordfish, squid and dogfish along with meat that are prepared with special sauces. They also offer local faire for those with a sweet tooth.

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