Séyðisfjörður or Seydisfjordur

Photo by: Erik, Creative Commons

Seydisfjordur is named after the fjord it is next to. It is surrounded by mountains – Mt. Bjolfur to the West and Strandartindur, with a higher peak, to the East.

Cultural Attractions

Seydisfjordur is one of the country’s most picturesque towns. It is where a lot of well-preserved old wooden buildings are situated. These houses are chalet-styles, with its parts and pieces purchased from Norway, by well-off merchants and assembled afterward.

This town is a rather artsy community, although the population is very small (around 800). It is a frequently-visited destination. There is a cultural festival, A Seyoi, held from June to July. Lunga, a music festival, starts as a workshop of some sort where established artists train younger people. The culminating activity is a concert.


There are several waterfalls in the vicinity. Such natural sights make hiking a pleasurable experience. One popular hiking path starts at the center of the town, following the East bank of the river Fjardara, which flows through the town center. All in all, there are 25 waterfalls upstream. During the winter, people ski in an area in the Fjadarheidi mountain pass.

If you want an off-the-beaten-path adventure, you can go hiking in the rarely visited, unspoiled fjords North and South of Seydisfjordur. There are also good hiking trails from the town to Lodmundarfjordur as well as to Mjoifjordur.

Other Things to Do

You can go fishing for cod, coalfish and haddock. There are also kayaking, cycling and sailing tours. You can go kayaking for one hour in the harbor, or opt for a 2-day excursion to Skalanes, 12 miles from Seydisfjordur. You can take a walk along the north shore of the town and take a look at the Dwarf’s rock, a rock formation. At the end of the road is a four-wheel-drive track that leads to an abandoned farm, with a lighthouse nearby.

Seydisfjordur is a hiking enthusiast’s paradise, and a town full of cultural attractions to boot. Surely, when you visit the town, you will never run out of things to do.

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