Shanghai Old City

Shanghai - Old City 400
Shanghai-Old City
Photo by: Eugene Regis, Creative Commons

The taste of ancient China is what makes Shanghai Old City a favorite place among local and foreign tourists. Before World War II, this place was dominated by Chinese businessmen.

The culture of China is never lost in this place. It is a reminder of the day when the walls of the city were brought down in favor of free trade in favor of the visiting foreign businessmen traders. This old city (or sometimes called “Old Town”) is situated at the west of Huangpu River and south of Nanjing Road.

You can safely walk by foot in the city streets and observe the way the people interact with each other. Visit the different shops found along the crooked streets of Fangbang Zhong Lu.

Ask a native to bring you to the local antique shop and you will be surprised at the great repository of antiques in varying sizes. You can haggle with the seller to reach at an agreeable price. As an antique buyer, an eye for detail and knowledge about craftsmanship of the Chinese goes a long way.

Your visit to Shanghai Old City is not complete without tasting Chinese cuisine at the Yu Garden and the Huxington Tea House. These 2 places are known to provide classic epicurean eating experiences.

The great thing with Shanghai Old City is that when you go into the deepest corners of the place, there is a sense of synchronized chaos. It’s as if you travel back in time, when the modern things we know of today seem out of place.

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