Sharm el Sheikh

On the beach at Sharm el Sheikh
Photo by: Dominic Sayers, Creative Commons

Sharm el Sheikh is a city in Egypt also referred to as the “City of Peace” due to the many peace conferences held in here. But there’s truly a lot more to this city than simply being a city of peace. If you are eyeing to go to the land of the Pharaohs, there is definitely no reason why you exclude Sharm in your places-to-visit list.

First off, it is one of the country’s best known locations for beach resorts. In fact, although the Egyptian government has worked so hard in the recent years to develop resorts in other areas, Sharm remains to be the leading Sinai tourist spot for beaches, and it is not very hard to know why.

For one, the city is a year-round resort. It’s hot during the summer but it is also warm and pleasant during the winter. An international airport is conveniently located here where both private and international charter flights can land. Why else would people not want to visit it, right?

Next, if you are an underwater-lover, you can also find your fill here. Between the areas of Tiran Island and Mohammed National Park is the world’s greatest underwater scenery. Crystal-clear water, amazing reefs, and an enormous variety of exotic fish you have never seen in your entire existence—all these you can enjoy even just by snorkeling off the coast! But if you wish to scuba dive, then no one’s going to stop you. There is an easy access to the historical Red Sea where the most interesting and prominent dive sites are situated. You can get there by boat. And if you wish to have some diving lessons first, you can also avail of some. Most diving amenities here including shops and boats are operated by Europeans.

Now, if you are not really a water person, Sharm el Sheikh can still prove to be a charming place for you. Since it is in the region of Sinai, it is also a lovely place to take pleasure in seeing the splendid mountains and valleys. There are also a number of national parks here that you can explore where beautiful tourist attractions are found like the Monastery of St. Catherine. You can also opt to play golf, bungee jump, or even ice skate! It’s a total place of relaxation for the whole family and it has everything you could ever wish for in a vacation.

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