Shibaozhai Temple

Shibaozhai Temple 400
Shibaozhai Temple
Photo by: puliarf, Creative Commons

The Shibaozhai Temple showcases fantastic old world scenery that makes tourists feel like actors in a fictional adventure flick. This 100-foot high red pagoda stands in front of a mountainous area full of shrubs and trees, with a glorious backdrop from afar. The addition of the Yangtze River near the 12-tiered temple completes the look of a mysterious wooded area on the face of the planet.

The attention-grabbing pagoda is the main attraction of Shibaozhai Temple. It has two areas: the upper part and the lower one. The upper part is located near the temple buildings that serve as extensions, while the lower section is a nine-level structure adjacent to the rock extension. Traditional Chinese designs mark the exteriors of the pagoda, with various elements of nature. The structure is inspired by the mountains, with patterns and figures that vary from odd to extraordinary.

Shibaozhai was erected in some time during the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Kangxi ruled the land. Shibaozhai means Stone Treasure Fortress, which fits to its very exotic location. The temple protects several artworks like paintings and sculptures that dated back during the Three Kingdoms period. On the top of the temple lies an exquisite view of the river and its nearby town.

Visitors of the temple can climb up the pagoda stairs to experience the spectacular sight from above. Although the stairs in the temple are steep, tourists who want to go up can take an exit route that can be found outside the pagoda. Its stairs are more spacious and less steep than the stairs inside the temple.

If you wish to visit Shibaozhai Temple, cruise ships on the Yangtze River allow its passengers to take a walk in the area and climb the pagoda.

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