Ruins in Persepolis
Photo by: Scarto, Creative Commons

Persepolis. It was the great capital of the Persian Empire; an empire that stretched across Europe and West Asia. The city that was established some 2,500 years ago still stands in ruins today. Here, you will Iran’s ancient greatness through their Persian heritage. If you want to visit the ruins of Persepolis, there is no better place to start off than Shiraz.

Shiraz is situated just 70 km southwest of the ancient capital. From there, you could easily travel to the massive site of Persepolis. There, you could see the Gate of All Nations, study the ancient cuneiform writing of the olden days and experience the most majestic Tomb of the Kings. In Persepolis lies the cradle of ancient culture, history and art. Here, you can experience the ancient greatness of Iran.

The climate here is very steady and moderate, as Shiraz and Persepolis are situated in a plain right at the foot of the Zagros Mountains. Aside from the ancient ruins of Persepolis, you can also see other sites found inside Shiraz itself. Examples of those are Karin Khane Zand’s Citadel, built in the 1700s, the Eram Garden, and the many wonderfully designed Mosques.

Shiraz is great place to experience ancient culture and greatness. Here, you can see a wonderful merging of the Persian and Islamic cultures in so many aspects. Here you experience Iran’s diverse roots in their food, architecture and in the people themselves. This is definitely a place worth seeing within your lifetime.

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  1. n00Ra says:

    exellent!!! i live in shiraz
    persepolis is One of the masterpieces of world architecture!!

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