Shouxi Lake

Yangzhou River 400
Famous Bridge over the Lake in Yangzhou
Photo by: The Pocket, Creative Commons

Shouxi Lake is a well-known tourist location for its vast collection of 24 picturesque garden locations that is sure to capture any tourist’s heart. From hillside landscapes and lakeside views, to intricately designed pavilions and colossal wooden bridges – every side and corner of the lake area is meant to attract and fascinate vacationers from around the world.

Located in Yangzhou city, in the province of Jiangsu, Shouxi Lake is famous for having a slender and sophisticated beauty that combines distinct characteristics of the South and North Chinese garden designs. Shouxi’s grandeur is believed to come from the Northern influence while its intricacy originated from the Southern taste.

Shouxi was given the name “Slender West Lake” as opposed to the West Lake of Hangzhou, which has a roundish shape. The lake starts at the Gudu Bridge at south city gate. Then, it flows near Xiaojinshan, or the little gold hill, to the base of Tangshugang Ridge in Pingshan Hill. In the southeast part are the Shi River and the City Moat that leads to the Grand Canal.

Some of the famous attractions in Shouxi Lake are as follows:

Xiaojin Hill.
This lake islet is in the middle of Shouxi. A number of gardens with different layouts can be seen at the foot of the land and near the tranquil lake. On top of the hill is a pavilion surrounded by pines and cypresses, creating a peaceful place that’s perfect for relaxation and meditation. On the hill’s east side is a structure called the Guihua Hall, which houses a parlour facing the waters. On the south is a string room that features a red bridge, which leads tourists to the Xu Garden on the other side.

24 Bridges.
Regarded as one of the most attention-grabbing sites to visitors, the 24 bridges is a metaphor of a rainbow appearing above the lake. Others describe it as a white ribbon over the water’s surface. 24 bridges were named as such because of its measurements, which are 24 meters long and 24 meters wide. It is made of sturdy white marble.

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