Shuyak Island

Near Shuyak Island, Entering the mouth of a salmon stream on Raspberry Island Alaska by kayak
Photo by: NancyHeise, Creative Commons

Located on the northern part of the infamous Kodiak Archipelago, Shuyak Island is yet another nature lover’s paradise. This island in the state of Alaska is one of the most compact, yet it houses the most diversified mixture of birds flying over the sea. Imagine one of those movie scenes where you see nothing but calm and pristine waters, you hear of chirping birds and soothing air and you only get a glimpse of what Shuyak Island really is.

Spending a day or two in Shuyak Island is surely one way of being in touch with nature. With a limited amount of cabins that can be rented out, a traveler may opt to camp out and be at one with the environment. Coming to the area, being a couple of miles away from the mainland is an adventure in itself. Camping out at Shuyak Island takes a lot more than just being mere sight-seeing enthusiasts. One must be self-contained enough to attend to his or her own needs as you really get to experience that detachment from the normal and crowded streets of the metro.

So in order to enjoy and make the most out of your trip to Shuyak Island, careful planning and anticipation must be considered. If you want to take pleasure in an adventure of a lifetime in Shuyak Island, you should acquaint yourself with the weather and norms in this area. It is quite challenging to enjoy your trip if you don’t have the slightest idea about the place you’re roaming at, especially if its lifestyle is quite far from how city living is. It is better to be well aware of the conditions especially the temperature in the area. That way, you can carefully plan your trip and enjoy being one with your inner-self in the pristine and calming view around the

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