Sibenik square
Photo by: jns001, Creative Commons

Sibenik, Croatia is a harbor city that may be reached through a boat ride from Kaprije and Zirje. It is a small city that can be traveled by foot.

Like the other cities and towns in Croatia, Sibenik has marvelous architectures that lure the tourist to spend their vacation here. One of these is the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, which is included in the World Heritage list of the international organization UNESCO. Built in a magnificent mix of Renaissance and Gothic, The Cathedral Sveti Jakov was the fruit of the hard labor of several architects who successively built it entirely in stone throughout the 15th and 16th centuries.
Also worth seeing in terms of art and architecture are the town hall, the churches of St. Barbara and St. Fran, the palaces, fortressed and squares located in different parts of town. These structures clearly represent the great importance of artistry among Croatians in Sibenik.

For a time Sibenik has been the seat of the Croatian king, and this is why you will see a statue of King Petar Kresimir IV located between the start of the promenade along the sea and the park. Also for this reason, Sibenik is also called Kresimiriv grad of Kresimir’s City.

Considered the oldest native town in Croatia, Sibenik is also the birthplace of famous Croatian basketball player Drazen Petrovic. You may ask the locals to take you to the house where he was born.

The scenic Krka National Park is located a few kilometers north of Sibenik. This national park has a breathtaking view of the city’s flora and fauna, made even more picturesque by the waterfalls and given a touch of history by the archaeological remains that can be found in the area. Its beauty is often compared to the charm of the more famous Plitvice Lakes National Park.

One important event that is attended by tourists here in Sibenik is the annual International Children’s Festival or the Medunarodni Djecji Festival, which happens on the last week of June and first week of July. During the second half of August, on the other hand, the Summer Organ School is being held. The Day of St. James is also celebrated on the 25th of July of each year to honor the city’s patron saint.

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