Siena in Florence

Siena 400
Siena at first sight
Photo by: PhillipC, Creative Commons

For anyone looking for a quiet retreat from the hustle and the bustle, the quaint little town of Siena in Florence proves to be the heavenly destination for its art, history and wine. It has been in existence since the Middle Ages but don’t let that give you an image of an old run down town. Accommodations and facilities here are considered topnotch. So come explore and be enchanted by Siena, a gem that can be found in the middle of the Tuscan wine valley and a town fit for royalty.

If you’re thinking of the perfect time to visit Siena, expect the summer months of July to August to be the busiest of the year as many visitors make their way to this iconic town for not just the warm weather, but for the festivities as well. The Palio de Siena is an annual event that features a significant horse race among the contrades, or the city wards. The race dates back to the medieval era when events portraying sportsmanship and rivalry were all the rage among the dwellers of the town and many of its rites and rituals leading up to the race is still kept as part of this tradition. This all takes place at the Piazza del Campo, where on regular days, it is home to little shops dedicated to their trades of ceramics, metallic arts, and of course Italian wine.

Don’t forget to dedicate a whole day to just exploring the different building that are scattered all around the city such as the Torre del Mangia and the Bernini statue of Mary Magdalene at the Duomo. Its Gothic influences, which are evident in the different buildings, churches and towers, will give you a feel of the glory and power of Siena.

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