A fishing village in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
Photo by: spotter_nl , Creative Commons

Sihanoukville Cambodia is home to white sand beaches, exclusive beach towns, breath taking islands and warm tropical waters. A very popular tourist destination that is surrounded by Thailand’s bay, Sihanoukville is not only famous for its tropical attractions but also for its world-class beach hotels and resorts. This place offers fantastic beach spots and a very inspiring culture. Accommodations here are also affordable and hundreds of vacation activities can be experienced around the town. Sihanoukville, before transforming into a well known tourist spot, this province was first founded as a port town. But because of its white sand beaches, the whole province of Sihanouville quickly grew into a popular beach destination for both locals and tourists.

Most of today’s major roads in and out of Sihanoukville Cambodia are now in good condition. They also have 24/7 regularly scheduled air-con buses for easy traveling connecting to other coastal cities such as Koh Kong, Kep and Kampot each with their own unique beauty.

Its port city is also a very nice place to visit that offers a number of things that can be done which are very fulfilling. These activities include bargain shopping and night market shopping. Its nightlife is also fabulous and very indulging.

The primary recreation spot in Sihanoukville Cambodia is their beaches but aside from these, a wide variety of sports can also be played in Sihanoukville. Play tennis, volleyball or even football, Sihanoukville has them all. In addition to these recreational activities, some of its popular water sports also include snorkeling and scuba diving. Visiting Buddhist temples and mountain hiking are also exciting while in Sihanoukville.

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